Planning in Robotics (CIS 6930)

Image courtesy: Willow Garage

Welcome to the world of robotics. This course provides a computational perspective of how autonomous robots plan their path and/or motion to complete a given task such as moving from point A to B, pick-and-place a given object, etc. Path/motion planning algorithms such as Bug, A*, D*, PRM, RRT, etc., and challenges in multi-robot planning will be discussed.

The students will learn about the above-mentioned techniques and implement a few of them in simulation using high-fidelity simulators like V-RepWebots, and/or Gazebo. Students will also gain experience in the Robot Operating System (ROS) and will potentially implement algorithms on real TurtleBot 3AR Drone, or Bebop 2 robots as part of their final class projects.

Planning Algorithms[Text] LaValle, S. M. (2006). Planning algorithms. Cambridge university press.
Principles of Robot Motion[Reference] Choset, H. M., Hutchinson, S., Lynch, K. M., Kantor, G., Burgard, W., Kavraki, L. E., & Thrun, S. (2005). Principles of robot motion: theory, algorithms, and implementation. MIT press.

Examples of Student Work

Bug Algorithms (Aneesh)
PRM-based motion planning (Joseph)